How To Play Baccarat - Introduction

Baccarat is actually a very interesting game although it is known to be much slower when compared to other table games. It is a game of pure chance and in most circles is portrayed as an elegant yet formal game thanks to films such as James Bond. In truth, it is extremely easy to play thanks to its few rules which can enable you to employ a Baccarat strategy with ease and rake up your first win.

When learning how to play Baccarat, you will also notice that it is a slow paced game with a very minimal skill set needed. It helps if you understand a bit of mathematics for working out the odds and card tallying, the latter which is an integral part of the game. Otherwise, it is easy to play because the winning tally stands at a total of 9. Once you are dealt two cards, you only need to attain a total score of 9 for what is called a ‘natural’.

How to play baccarat

How To Play Baccarat - The Object Of The Game

Since there is no particular skill set necessary for playing this game, it is considered purely a guessing game by many. But, with a clear understanding of the Baccarat rules, you can lower the overall house edge for a favourable payout. When practicing how to play Baccarat, the first emphasis is always on the player’s rules. This is because the point tally of 9 is a straight win for you.

Once you have a clear understanding of this, then learning the banker’s rules can come in handy when making bets. It also helps to employ a few game strategies to improve your winning chances.

Breaking Down Baccarat

As you start learning how to play Baccarat, you need to understand that only 9 points stand between you and a pay day. There are various elements of the game, so it is good to understand the general rules of the game before indulging in a real money bet.

The foremost element of Baccarat is the gaming table which is large enough to sit a total of 14 players. Even though you are playing online, the cards are arranged on a virtual table which is a representation of the real one.

It has three bet boxes; one for the banker, another for the player, and a section in the event of a tie. There is a middle section at the table, where the dealer stands in the Live casino playing versions.

How To Play Baccarat - The Cards And Points

In the process of learning how to play Baccarat, you will notice that fewer cards are dealt unless under special circumstances. This is because nine is the highest score, and for a hand to win, the value should not exceed this tally. Therefore, you will have 0 points if your hand has picture cards or tens, while an Ace would only score you a single point.

As for the rest of the cards, their total point value is equivalent to their face value. When your hand has a total tally of 10 or more, then 10 becomes equal to 0. The point tally becomes the value of the second digit, so for instance, a point tally of 11 means that the total points equal 1. For 12, the total points would equal 2. If you land a hand of 9 and 6, then the total tally is 15, meaning the new value is 5.

How to play baccarat

How To Play Baccarat - Game Plan

The first thing you need to do when learning how to play Baccarat is to set a budget that you will implement throughout the game. Place a bet before the cards are dealt on either the player’s Baccarat hand, banker’s hand, or a tie. You should understand the rules to know when a third card will be drawn. Also, it is essential to know that once the hands are played out, the winning hand has to be closest to a total of 9 points.

How To Play Baccarat - Winning Hand And Summary

As per the Baccarat rules, a natural win only occurs when the points total is 8 or 9. An important lesson on how to play Baccarat is to know when a dealer might draw an additional third card. This particular part of the game varies from banker to player as there are separate third card rules for both. Because of its ever growing popularity, Baccarat has generated new variations plus additional ways to bet. It is a fun game you should learn!