Baccarat Strategy For Playing Online

Aside from Baccarat rules for players, you should also familiarise yourself with the rules for bankers. Once you understand the banker rules, then you are better placed to understand how the house derives its edge and better placed to understand and use Baccarat strategies. Particularly handy as you grow more aware of which card combinations you need to have to win. Unlike Blackjack, where the winning combination is placed at 21, you only need to have a hand of 9. This is also known as a ‘natural’, and the best part is that you only need two cards to do this.

For an accurate Baccarat strategy, the banker rules have to come in play. Usually, when a player’s total point tally is 8 or 9, it is called a ‘natural’, and no more cards are dealt. However, when a banker ties an 8 or lands a natural 9, then it is the player who wins. A player can only draw a third card if their total is between 0 through to 5. If a player has less than a 6 and the banker draws a ‘natural’, then it is the banker who wins

A Baccarat Strategy That Works

Now that you have a clear idea of the player’s rules, we can take a look at the more complex banker rules which enable you to apply a more accurate Baccarat strategy. When learning how to play Baccarat, you will find that a player only stands on totals of 6 or 7. For a banker, they can only stand on totals of 7 or 8.

While a player draws a third card on 0 to 5, a banker will draw on 0, 1, or 2. When a banker’s hand is 3-4-5 or 6, then a draw depends on the value of the player’s third card.

Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Strategy - Drawing The Third Card

The banker will be dealt the third card if a player’s third card is an 8. A fourth card is only dealt if the player’s card is not a 1, 8, 9, or 10. It can go all the way to a fifth card, but only if a player’s card is not a 4, 5, 6, or 7.

On rare occasions, the banker will hit a sixth card if the player is dealt a third card which is not a 6 or 7. If a player does land a 6 or 7 as the third card, then it stands.

If a banker lands a 7, then it stands. But an 8 or 0 is a ‘natural’ which stops play, with no further draws, and a third card is not drawn.

Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Strategy - Bets On Ties And Other Strategies

Another Baccarat strategy focuses on bettors wagering on the two hands being a tie, where the banker’s and player’s hands will finish with an equal number of points. Once the two hands finish on equal points, then a winning bet will pay off at a very impressive 8-1. The only downside of this is that the house edge is much higher and stands at 9.5%.

As a player, the core focus of the game is on good money management while also relying on luck for handsome returns. In as much as winning relies on well-calculated strategy, it should also be noted that making well-informed bets is key. Always make modest bets where you do not lose too much, and if you lose consecutively, lower the wager. Quite often, chasing losses in a game of Baccarat can be a costly affair, so it is better to only increase your wager after winning, rather than after a loss.

Baccarat Strategy - Increasing Wins

By understanding the banker’s rules you increase your chance of employing your strategy for a win. However, you also have to remember that playing for fun is a great way to improve your wins. When you play for fun, you really do not expect too much in returns. When you do get lucky, it shores up some experience, even if there are no well- deserved cash winnings. Even though it is purely for fun, a win is still a win.

Baccarat Strategy - Summary

Baccarat may not be the most popular game at the casino, but it has proved to be just as exciting as other prominent table games. When you use these tips to learn how to play Baccarat, you can soon be ready to start placing bets with real money. Within no time at all, you will be employing your chosen Baccarat strategy to improve your odds.