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Key Baccarat Rules For Beginners

Baccarat is not as complex a game as many think, but like other card games, it has basic rules that might take some adapting to. The faster you understand and memorise these Baccarat rules, the easier it is to utilise a strategy, improving on your skill level. The game is generally fun and interesting, and within a short time, you should get to play for wins. So, read on for a chance to be better prepared for one of the best online gaming experiences.

Other card games such as Poker pit the player against the casino, but in this case, it is a bit different. As per the Baccarat rules, there is a player and a banker. These are the only two hands dealt in the game, regardless of how many players are participating at any given time. A common point of confusion is assuming that the player is the customer, and the banker is the casino. Actually, as a player, you can bet on either hand unless you are holding the shoe where you must either pass the shoe or bet on the banker.

baccarat rules

How Baccarat Rules Can Affect Your Payout

In this game, there is usually a ‘shoe’ which holds the shuffled decks of cards at any given time. A Live casino game’s dealer is called a croupier, and they direct the play while ensuring the Baccarat rules are adhered to. When learning how to play Baccarat, you will notice that the banker’s hand is more likely to win, although the edge is only slightly higher than the player’s.

Once the cards are dealt, a winner, according to Baccarat rules is determined by tallying the point total. If there is a draw, then another card is dealt, and the winner is only realised if the hand total is closer to nine.

baccarat rules

Baccarat Rules - Types Of Bets

To understand the types of bets, you need to know the Baccarat rules as to the value of each card. The face cards such as Q, K, and J are all worth zero points. An Ace is only worth one point, while the tens are also worth zero points.

In the Baccarat rules, when the cards are dealt, the total tally must be 9 or a number close to this to determine the winner. If the total is worth more than 10, then the second digit becomes the value of the hand.

If the hand is a 6 and a 9 combination, then the total, in this case is, 15. To determine the value of the hand, the second digit in this tally is 5, which is the new total value.

Baccarat Rules & The Third Hand

The Baccarat rules stipulate that only two cards are dealt initially for each hand. Then there is a tally to determine the winning hand, and in case there isn’t one, then a third card is dealt. The first hand that should be completed to determine a win is the player’s hand. If the total is an 8 or a 9, then it is referred to as a ‘natural’.

When the banker realises a hand of 9, it is called a ‘natural’ and, therefore, a player gets a third card. The same applies if the banker also lands an 8. As a player, you also draw a third card if you have a total of 0 to 5. This is unless the banker has a natural 9, which is a straight win, and there can be no further draws in this case. There is a second set of rules which belong to the banker, and they are slightly more complex.

Baccarat Rules And Table Limits

The core Baccarat rules you need to be aware of are the player rules because they have a direct bearing on the strategies that you can employ to win the game. It is also important to be aware of any betting limits imposed by the online casino you are playing at. This will help you in selecting your budget because mathematically, the banker’s hand is known in 50.68% of all outcomes, to win against the player in the same game.

baccarat rules

Baccarat Rules - A Summary

When learning how to play Baccarat, it is vital to learn and memorise the Baccarat rules. The house edge is determined as 1.36%, which is slightly lower than that of Blackjack and Poker and why the game is fast growing a large following. Remember too to factor in the 5% commission the house collects on all winning banker bets. Aside from the complexities of the numbers, this is a fun game to play, learn the basics and have fun with it.

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